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Freedom To Learn

The Facebook Group Every transportation company MUST be in

This is the industry where the failure rate is extremely High. Everyday company’s are falling off the radar, and into oblivion, in fact 80 percent of all authorities go out of business in their first year. but It’s not just limited to the little guy, or the “newbies”, Dont believe me? just ask Celedon. There are so Many Things a carrier needs to do to survive:

  • learn where freight moves
  • learn how freight moves
  • learn your lanes
  • diversify
  • and for crying out loud learn your operating costs

just to name a few.

I can hear you now, saying : “But Michael, if We’re new, how are we going to learn this before it’s too late? Well I’ll tell you.  You go to Facebook, and you join the group called Shaggy’s Consulting and training Group, and you introduce yourself. then you say “Hey, I’m new and I need to learn.” or something to that effect, and When Shaggy Koch, Justin Klieber, or Frank G Trucks (aka Frank Griffin) reply, you ask about Shaggy’s 3 week trucking webinars, that if taken together only cost $750.00 or you could take them individually at $300.00 a pop. I recommend taking all 3. Yes they’re $750, but no you can NOT afford to not take them. I’ve been in this game for 20 years, and 6 or 7 of that was as an owner operator, and I even learned there was more that I thought I knew than what i actually did know.

the 3 webinars are:

  1. Brokering week
  2. Trucking week
  3. dispatching week

click the link here to be taken to this amazing group and tell them Michael Culler from Lone Mountain Logistics sent you. You can thank me later


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