Michael has been around the transportation all of his life. Born a second generation Oilfield Truck Driver, he spent his Childhood cleaning Trucks and freeing them from the oilfield mud that would often accompany them back to the yard. This Could technically be seen as his first job, but if he is being honest Michael did it to be around his father, and the Guys at the shop, and as far away from his little sister as possible. Michael took his first ride in a big truck at 10 years old after his soccer team won a big game, and began driving himself 13 years later at the age of 23 when his oldest son was about to be born. Michael has spent a lot of time driving in the New Mexico Oilfields following in his fathers footsteps and even worked at the same company with his dad for a year. When the Oilfield started to dry up, Michael went over the road, becoming an owner operator with a lease purchase plan that didn’t work, but taught him a lot. he tried again later with a partner, and while that venture was more successful than the first it too was doomed to not work as Michael and his partner would eventually split up. Michael spent the next couple of years driving, and learning from mentors, and has finally implemented a plan that has produced results.